Studio Ongarato featured in Melbourne Now, a ground-breaking survey at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.



Studio Ongarato is honoured to be part of Melbourne Now, a transformational exhibition at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia showcasing the city’s cultural influencers and shape shifters of the past decade.

More than 200 Victorian-based artists, designers and creatives are featured in the history-making exhibition that highlights Melbourne’s most ambitious and thought provoking projects, including more than 60 world-premiere works commissioned by the NGV for the major presentation.

“Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia and this exhibition is an awe-inspiring celebration of our state’s creative industries,” said Steve Dimopoulos MP, Minister for Creative Industries.

The large-scale exhibition traverses all levels of The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, including contemporary interventions across the Australian Art and First Nations permanent collection displays, and highlights a diverse range of disciplines including video, architecture, ceramics, publishing, painting and sculpture.

Studio Ongarato’s work is featured in Babel Bookcase, curated by Brad Haylock, which gathers a selection of Melbourne’s best graphic design and communication design over the past ten years from books, typefaces and websites, to branding, placemaking, and experimental practices.

Seven Studio Ongarato projects are presented as part of the display inspired by the Tower of Babel, a mythical structure from which all the languages of the world emanate.

The studio’s work in the realms of hospitality, culture and the workplace is featured in projects including 447 Collins Street, Kisume restaurant, the WA Museum Boola Bardip, Phoenix Gallery in Sydney, Arup Melbourne and the Eucalyptusdom exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

The 2023 exhibition marks the ten-year anniversary of the inaugural edition of Melbourne Now and offers an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on how the city and Victoria have transformed, changed and grown over the past decade.

“No other exhibition series reflects Victorian life and culture with such depth, nuance and breadth,” said Tony Ellwood, AM, director of the NGV. “We are excited to build upon this incredible legacy with this new, blockbuster presentation of Victorian creativity in 2023.”

Melbourne Now is on display from March 24 – 20 August at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

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