An unconventional, slightly twisted and artfully-executed holistic identity for restaurateurs, The Lucas Group

Radial motifs echo through the brand, architecture and experience in an ever-present Japanese hallmark.

Melding Wood Marsh Architects’ brutally sophisticated interior with the client’s love of beauty and sensuality, the resulting brand identity projects a provocatively warped view.

Architecture & interiors by Wood Marsh Architecture provide an intimate, dramatic stage for a memorable sensory experience.

The curation of works from famed photographer Nobuyoshi Araki (above) and Polly Borland layer intrigue and dimension to the purposefully minimal space.

A custom glass door handle with the etched and filled Kisumé brand mark.

Temporary Hoarding

Challenged to break the conventions of a typical Japanese dining experience, the studio developed a holistic, highly immersive brand identity built around the concept of duality. Marrying the precision of traditional Japanese dining to the bolder, sexier Western dining vernacular, Kisumé reveals itself through a succession of intriguing juxtapositions and unexpected twists. The perception-shifting transition from exterior to interior. The radial moiré primary graphic language that plays on distortion, contrasting solid with not solid. The curated works from famed photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki, that add dynamism and dimension to Wood Marsh Architects’ brutally minimal interior. The striking colour accents from vermillion and cobalt menus against the otherwise minimal palette. The bespoke Alpha 60 uniforms and commissioned Adidas sneakers that bring the fusion of dining and design to life. A luxuriant Flinders Lane dining experience unlike any other, it is new and unexpected territory for The Lucas Group, but a design that positions the guest experience at the heart of all that has been created.

  • Project Scope

    Brand Strategy


    Brand Identity



    Art Curation & Commissioning


  • Project Collaborators

    Architects & Interior Design: Wood Marsh Architecture

    Artists: Nobuyoshi Araki & Polly Borland

    Glassmaker: Mark Douglass

    Photography: Mark Roper

  • Awards

    2017 Eat Drink Design Awards – Best Identity Design, High Commendation

    2017 AGDA – Best Identity Design, Finalist