An eclectic fusion of glamour and eccentricity celebrates the brand’s essence at QT Melbourne.

a glitching, moving image of a dutch- old-master-style painting of a bouquet of flowers

A Fleuriste glitch on a traditional floral arrangement appears as a rear-illuminated graphic in the elevator

Maison Noir wallpaper illustrated by Stuart Patience in the dining space at QT Melbourne.

Maison Noir wallpaper illustrated by Stuart Patience in the dining space at QT Melbourne.

Dark romance takes centre stage at Pascale Bar & Grill; a custom-designed graphic on the central armoire collages elements of the boudoir and the salle-de-vin.

In a twist on the 'boudoir' theme underpinning the hotel experience, a collage of classical sculptures installed as digital wallpaper envelopes surfaces within the washroom.

“Throughout the public spaces and 188 rooms at QT Melbourne, there is a sense of artistic discovery, from the lustrous copper entry to the lifts offering cheeky chat-up lines and the naughty wallpaper decorating corners of Pascale Bar & Grill.”


QT Hotels offer an eclectic mix of design and art, style and luxury – always with a touch of the unexpected, but also with an unique aesthetic informed by each hotel’s location. Following successful branding collaborations with the client in Sydney, Port Douglas, Queenstown and Wellington, the studio was tasked with designing a Melbourne-inspired identity for the brand’s newest incarnation.

Situated where the Paris end of city meets the darker underground of its Russell Street laneways, the narrative concept for QT Melbourne is based on physical context and the theatre of burlesque. Fusing French Noir with the innate glamour of the QT brand, a filmic-like undercurrent is omnipresent across guest touchpoints, from the intriguing visual identity to the graphic installations, transforming the hotel experience into ‘Maison QT’.

  • Project Scope

    Visual Identity

    Art Direction

    Printed Collateral

    Venue Identities

    Environmental Design

    Wayfinding Signage

  • Project Collaborators

    Interior Design: Nic Graham and Associates and Indyk Architects

    Architects: Candalepas

    Illustration: Stuart Patience

    Photography: Mark Roper

  • Awards

    2017 AGDA Pinnacle Award – QT Melbourne, Environmental Design

    2017 Australian Gourmet Traveller, Large Hotel of the Year

    2017 Australian Gourmet Traveller, Best Bar