An identity system for Australia’s leading centre for the development and presentation of contemporary art

a photo of the artist Emily Ferretti in her gertrude contemporary studio

Artist Emily Ferretti in one of the Gertrude Contemporary Studios. Photography: Jacob Walker

collateral designed for gertrude contemporary

Exhibition Postcard Invitations

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Publication design for No Name Station exhibition. Encompassing exhibitions, residencies, public programs and a major publication, No-Name Station was an innovative Sino-Australian cultural exchange project designed to showcase Australian art and culture in China. This creative encounter was the catalyst for subsequent exhibitions and a publication.

publications designed for a Gertrude gertrude contemporary exhibition
publications designed for a Gertrude gertrude contemporary exhibition
publications designed for a Gertrude gertrude contemporary exhibition
publications designed for a Gertrude gertrude contemporary exhibition

Publication design for Still Vast Reserves exhibition. Still Vast Reserves is a two-volume, 100 page publication combining images and essays, released to coincide with the reciprocal exchange exhibition of the same name held at Magazzino d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy in September 2009 and Gertrude Contemporary in July/August 2010.

Gertrude Contemporary is a not-for-profit contemporary art organisation funded by both government and private patrons that has been building the careers of Australia’s artists for over 30 years. In this time, many of the nation’s most celebrated creators have benefitted from the support provided by the institution. Studio Ongarato’s partnership with Gertrude Contemporary and then-Director Alexie Glass Kantor originated from the need to re-establish and define the GC philosophy, and to draw together and consolidate the various aspects of the organisation into one cohesive platform. Between client and studio, the shared cultural values of innovation and risk-taking as well as a common desire to benefit and contribute to the Australian art community successfully set the tone for a strong collaborative relationship. Communicating that Gertrude Contemporary is the sum of its many and varied programs – and re-imagining the website as another gallery and repository of the organisation’s 25 years of history to reflect this – was core to the project. Removing Gertrude Contemporary from beyond its original physical location and therefore removing local context as an aspect of its identity was also integral to recrafting GC’s role as a respected organization on the International stage. Part of the relationship involved developing new ways of exhibiting contemporary art through design by establishing a rigorous publishing program, provoking discussion, and offering new perspectives and connections. Subsequently transcending its local roots to become truly international in its reach, Gertrude Contemporary is better positioned to reach its core commitment to support and cultivate the Australian artistic community through facilitating new and exciting opportunities and audiences.

  • Project Scope

    Brand Identity

    Publication Design


    Collateral Design

    Exhibition Design

  • Project Collaborators

    And The Difference Is Curators: Heman Chong, Emily Cormack, Jacqueline Doughty, Alexie Glass-Kantor, Qinyi Lim, Ahmad Mashadi

    Still Vast Reserves Curators: Emily Cormack, Alexie Glass-Kantor, Francesco Stocchi

    Reason & Rhyme Curators: Emily Cormack, Charlotte Huddleston, Helen Johnson, Amita Kirpalani, David Thomas

    No Name Station Curators: Nicole Chen, Colin Chinnery, Jacqueline Doughty, Maggie Fletcher, Alexie Glass-Kantor, Zuo Jing, Michelle Newton, Quentin Sprague

    21:100:100 Curators: Oren Ambarchi, Emily Cormack, Marco Fusinato, Alexie Glass-Kantor

    21:100:100 Exhibition Design: Adam Howe

  • Awards

    2013 HKDC Awards - No Name Station

    2012 AGDA Pinnacle Award - Gertrude Contemporary

    2012 AGDA Judges Award - No Name Station

    2011 ISTD Premier Award - No Name Station

  • No Name Station

    Brook Andrew, Gao Shiqiang, Newell Harry, Gabriel Nodea, Mabel Juli, Marissa Kingsley, Liang Shuo, Gabriel Nodea, Marika Patrick, Rusty Peters, Daniel Peterson, Rammey Ramsey, Sally Smart, Maria Tumarkin, Wang Wei, Zhao Zhao

  • Reason and Rhyme

    Damiano Bertoli, Julian Dashper, Richard Frater, Starlie Geikie, Maddie Leach, Simon Morris, Campbell Patterson, Hanna Tai, Mimi Tong, Jake Walker

  • 21:100:100

    ¾ Had Been Eliminated, Lucas Abela, Oren Ambarchi, Natasha Anderson, Thomas Brinkmann Philip Brophy, Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, Neil Campbell, Eugene Carchesio, Andrew Chalk, Chicks On Speed, Rod Cooper, Corrupted, Martin Creed, Alvin Curran Dead C, Jim Denley, The Donkey's Tail, Kevin Drumm, Fennesz, Robin Fox, Cor Fuhler, Ellen Fullma, Marco Fusinato, Alistair Galbraith, Bernhard Gunter, Will Guthrie, Keiji Haino, Florian Hecker, Joyce Hinterding, Kanta Horio, Ryoji Ikeda, Incapacitants, Jandek, Philip Jeck, Rolf Julius, Junko, Kemialliset Ystavat, Christina Kubisch, Kuupuu, Alan Lamb, Graham Lambkin, Annea Lockwood, Francisco Lopez, Alvin Lucier, Sachiko M, Lionel Marchetti, Christian Marclay, Masonna, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Mattin, Merzbow, Gordon Mumma Muura, Toshimaru Nakamura, New Blockaders, Phill Niblock, Hermann Nitsch No Neck Blues Band, Jerome Noetinger, Jim O’rourke, Optrum, Paeces, Charlemagne Palestine, Paul Panhuysen, Pateras/Baxter/Brown Pita, Francis Plagne, Stephen Prina, Eliane Radigue, Tom Recchion, Rizili, Steve Roden, Keith Rowe, Runzelstirn + Gurgelstock, Philip Samartzis, Marcus Schmickler, David Shea, Skaters, Snawklor Michael Snow, Sonic Youth, Ssl (Robbie Avenaim/Dale Gorfinkel), Striborg, Taku Sugimoto, Sun City Girls, Sunn O))), Akio Suzuki, Yasunao Tone, Toshiya Tsunoda, Voice Crack, Brendan Walls, Scott Walker, Chris Watson, Ralf Wehowsky, Whitehouse, Otomo Yoshihide, Richard Youngs, Z'ev

  • And The Difference Is

    A Constructed World, Justin Clemens, Gabrielle de Vietri, Danielle Freakley, Simon Pericich, Kiron Robinson, Lani Seligman, Heman Chong, Charles Lim, Matthew Ngui, Noor Effendy Ibrahim, Ming Wong

  • The Independence Project

    Zehra Ahmed, Richard Bell, Boatpeople, Sharon Chin, David Griggs, Mark Hilton, Roslisham Ismail, Helen Johnson, Vincent Leong, Liew Kung Yu, Ahmad Fuad Osman, Tim Silver, Shooshie Sulaiman, Wong Hoy Cheong, Yap Sau Bin, Yee I-Lann