Framing a production company through a new lens

Finch was founded on the belief that the extraordinary is possible.

Established in 2011 in New Zealand, the film production company’s award-winning work spanning features, advertising and live experiences has seen it expand internationally.

Finch required a new website to match its remarkable work and stable of directors, and recruited Studio Ongarato to design a distinctive digital platform.

The challenge was to introduce a human voice and perspective that would set Finch apart in a competitor landscape of impersonal technology-led websites.

Finch’s pre-existing website was a roll call of directors and services veiled in black that lacked fidelity and magnetism. It obscured the company’s unique capabilities, which extend far beyond a traditional film production business.

As well as making films that push the boundaries of conventional storytelling, Finch has a purpose driven culture of creating real change. It operates charitable foundations and learning programs, using technological innovation to amplify their impact.

Finch needed to talk about the depth of their capabilities in a clear and meaningful manner, and enlisted Studio Ongarato to create an engaging and impactful narrative experience.

The intent was to create a deeper insight and greater immersion into the visual and creative worlds of Finch, its directors and the talents and locations showcased in its work.

At their heart Finch are storytellers, so the studio employed an editorial approach that gave the company a voice to tell those stories and bring their creators to the forefront.

The new Finch website by Studio Ongarato was launched in May 2022 following extensive research and strategy.

It features extensive editorial content that allows for the humanisation of the brand and provides a distinctive point of departure from the competition.

A strong personality and tone of voice has been established – both visual and written – to ensure content and messaging is compelling and original.

“We love the website and how it has differentiated us in a fiercely competitive industry,” says Finch CEO and executive producer Robert Galluzzo. “Studio Ongarato helped us find the courage to have a voice with a strong point of view.”

Case studies are presented as rich editorial stories, incorporating stills, video and pull quotes throughout the body copy.

A confident brand presence runs throughout the website, which is impactful and immersive in reflection of Finch’s uncommon approach to the film industry.

The result is a digital showcase that celebrates the people, craft and creativity of Finch and demonstrates the depth of its capability and culture.

“As a film production company, so much of what we do is about storytelling, albeit telling other people’s stories,” says Galluzzo.” We liked how Studio Ongarato pushed us to tell finally ours through our digital presence.”