A flexible, layered, adaptive identity for a Melbourne institution’s design hub

The screen-like facade of the RMIT design hub

Emulating the screening and layering of architect Sean Godsell’s scheme, the brand system embraces the Design Hub’s intrinsic values of broadcast, layering, response and connection.

Multilayered and multidimensional; a democratic and flexible identity was developed to be reconfigured for use by independent and varied stakeholders.

Spreads from the booklet designed for the RMIT Design Hub Brand Identity

Event programs designed to announce workshops, concerts, parades, conferences and films.

The Hub houses a community of architects, designers, curators and students for collaborative, inter-disciplinary design research and education.

RMIT wall decals

Conceived as a purpose-built ecosystem in which to learn, practice and talk about design, the RMIT Design Hub is a new kind of creative environment for Melbourne. When developing this landmark building’s identity, the studio’s priorities were threefold: establish continuity with the site; reflect the Hub’s purpose; and allow for integration with the RMIT master brand. Emulating the screening and layering aspects of architect Sean Godsell’s scheme, our design embraces the Hub’s intrinsic values of ‘broadcast’, ‘response’ and ‘connection’. The multilayered, multidimensional identity system we developed is democratic and flexible, allowing for simple reconfiguration by internal and independent stakeholders. The Hub’s unique suite of collateral, digital communications, and online presence extended the concept of the building across a holistic site-identity, alleviating the need for a conventional brand mark.

  • Project Scope

    Brand Strategy

    Identity Creation

    Brand Architecture


    Exhibition Didactics

    Digital Strategy

    Website Design

  • Project Collaborators

    Architects: Sean Godsell Architects

    Photography: Rory Gardiner