A narrative-driven hotel experience in the heart of Australia’s Mornington Peninsula wine region.

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the interior of the Doot doot doot restaurant at Jackalope, designed by Studio Ongarato

The custom-made lighting installation in Doot Doot Doot, designed by Studio Ongarato, pays homage to fermentation with a dense, bubbling cloud of suspended glass bulbs.

ceiling of the Doot doot doot restaurant at Jackalope, designed by Studio Ongarato

Using five different types of Edison-style globes, the installation uses repetition and massing to create height and scale variation across the ceiling.

neon lighting installations at Jackalope

Neon lighting installation depicting alchemical formulas and astrological constellations creates large scale drama in guest corridors.

Faceless agate plaster busts by artist Andrew Hazewinkel in the Flaggerdoot bar

Commissioned Melbourne artist, Andrew Hazewinkel imbues the space with the spirit of the alchemist’s workshop with his series of life-sized plaster and agate busts.

The 7m mythical Jackalope sculpture by artist Emily Floyd

The narrative provided the lens for commissioning local artists to create responses including Emily Floyd, creator of the iconic 7-metre-tall mythical Jackalope sculpture at the hotel’s porte-cochere.

“The alchemic site narrative, tribute to both Jackalope’s transformative nature and the viticulture business, informed the hotel, bar and restaurant identities, expressing the hybrid through contrasts. The project demonstrates a holistic design-driven approach to brand and identity, with the environment and brand completely integrated.”


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Possessing a penchant for the avant-garde, hotelier Louis Li sought to establish the Jackalope brand in Australia and globally, with a strong thematic framework – a vision realised through an immersive journey of dramatic statements and intimate shared experiences. A mythical creature, the Jackalope is part cute, part fierce. In tribute to its transformative nature – and the site’s core business of viticulture – the studio developed a site narrative based on the concept of alchemy. A metaphor for winemaking, the concept is explored and expressed through all areas of the hotel experience. From the distillation theme in the Flaggerdoot bar, to the 10,000 suspended amber lightbulbs depicting fermentation in restaurant Doot Doot Doot, each step through the space is a key stage in the alchemic process. This narrative further provided the lens for local artists commissioned to create original works for the hotel. Among them, Emily Floyd, creator of the iconic seven-metre sculpture at the hotel’s porte-cochère. Collectively, the various brand identities, experiential design, art curation, Wayfinding and environmental design combine not only to transport, but to inspire.

  • Project Scope

    Brand Identity

    Venue Identities

    Conceptual Site Narrative

    Experiential Design

    Art Curation & Commissioning

    Environmental Design & Styling

    Lighting Design

    Landscape Installation Design



  • Project Collaborators

    Architects & Interior Designers: Carr Design, Melbourne

    Landscape Designers: Taylor Culity Lethlean, Melbourne

    Furniture: Zuster

    Hospitality consultant: Pascal Gomes McNabb

    Lighting manufacturer: Jan Flook

    Interior & Exterior Photography: Mark Roper & Sharyn Cairns

    Artists: Emily Floyd - Porte Cochere Jackalope Sculpture, Andrew Hazewinkel - Flaggerdoot Plaster Busts with Agate, Rolf Sachs - Scientific Light Installation, Kate Robertson - Alchemy photographic series

  • Awards

    2019 AHEAD Global Award, Jackalope, Visual Identity

    2019 SEGD Merit Award, Jackalope, Placemaking & Identity

    2018 AHEAD Asia Judges Choice Award, Jackalope, Visual Identity

    2018 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Best Ceiling Design, Doot Doot Doot

    2018 World Interior News Awards, Winner, Hotel of the Year

    2017 Eat Drink Design Award, Best Identity Design

    2017 AGDA, Judges Choice Award

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Jackalope, Wayfinding Signage and Environmental Graphics

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Jackalope, Environmental Design

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Flaggerdoot, Environmental Design

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Doot Doot Doot, Environmental Design

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Doot Doot Doot, Identity

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Jackalope, Identity

    2017 AGDA Distinction, Flaggerdoot, Identity

    2017 Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards, Winner, Hotel of the Year

    2017 Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards, Winner, New Hotel

    2017 Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards, Winner, Regional Hotel

    2017 Interior Design Excellence Awards, Overall Winner